How to download movies from the website Movie-Mad?

How to download movies from the website Movie-Mad?

Where do we put the download link?

Dear visitor, please find the movie link from the tags below. We’ve added the download link in a tag – which is in blue color. We’ve also added the movie review link. We are not giving any review on this page about this movie. Please follow the given link to read the movie review or story or cast. We are not highlighting the download link due to the removal request of its copyright owners. So, you’ve to find the download link.

Screenshot of Download Links

What is the file format of the given file for downloading?

Basically, we don’t upload any movie directly on our site. We upload the link of every movie in .HTML or .HTM format. So, you need to download the HTML file to get the movie download link. After downloading the HTML file, you need to open the file with any browser (Like: Google Chrome, Firefox or UC Browser). After opening the HTML file in your browser, you will get the actual direct download link. No additional software required to download movies from our site. The size of our uploaded HTML file is less than 1KB (Kilo Byte). Sometimes, we upload movies in ZIP or RAR format. So, you need a file compression software to unzip the movie. We recommend WinRAR or WinZip software to unzip the movie. PC and Mobile users may use this software to unzip movie. If you get any issue to download from our site, then contact us.

You will see the downloaded file like below:

The .HTML or  .HTM files look like below in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox

After downloading the .HTML file, you just open it with a browser. It will be redirected to the site, where the movie actually uploaded.

Instruction for Mobile Users.

Mobile Phone (SmartPhone) users also can follow the same step. After downloading the HTML file, open it with a browser (Like: Opera, UC), if you open it, then it will redirect to the actual download page. And you will be able to download the full movie.

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Thank You!